Frederick County Must Address Climate Emergency

The Smarter Growth Alliance for Frederick County supports the proposed Climate Emergency Resolution. Frederick County is already experiencing impacts related to the changing climate, including more frequent flood events that increase County expenditures on infrastructure repairs and emergency services. Additionally, our farming community is doubly impacted from too much water at some times and too little at others. The Climate Emergency Resolution acknowledges the multiple … Continue reading Frederick County Must Address Climate Emergency

Repeal the ARTO

Sign our petition asking the County Council to repeal the Agricultural Rights Transfer Ordinance (ARTO), which permits the transfer of residential development rights from one agriculturally zoned property to only another agriculturally zoned property. The ARTO was approved by the outgoing Board of County Commissioners on November 18, 2014 and has been in effect since December 1, 2014. The ARTO is completely contrary to Frederick’s … Continue reading Repeal the ARTO

Better Protection for Stream Buffers

Thanks to the County Council for passing Bill No. 15-12, Modifying Permitted Uses in Waterbody Buffers. Sponsored by Council Member Jerry Donald, the bill prohibits impervious surfaces, open shelters, and pole structures in waterbody buffers, and stipulates requirements that must be met for trails, roads, and utilities to be located in buffers. Better protection of the county’s waterbody buffers has many benefits including: • Improved … Continue reading Better Protection for Stream Buffers