Member Organizations

The Smarter Growth Alliance is made up by member organizations along with Preservation Maryland to discuss issues that affect Fredrick County.

Representatives of each organization are invited to monthly meetings to discuss in detail local issues and new legislation. Testimony is given to the County Council often in the form of a sign on letter with a position taken on legislation. Each group will individually decide to sign on to each letter.

Audubon Maryland-DC

 Audubon Society of Central Maryland

Citizens for the Preservation of Middletown Valley

 Cleanwater Linganore

Clean Water Action

 Climate Change Working Group of Frederick County

 Coalition for Smarter Growth

Envision Frederick County

 Frederick Zero Waste Alliance

Friends of Frederick County

Healthy Soils Frederick

Maryland League of Conservation Voters

MACS (Multifaith Alliance of Climate Stewards)

Maryland Native Plant Society

Montgomery Countryside Alliance

Potomac Conservancy

Potomac Riverkeeper Network

Preservation Maryland

Residents Advocating for Land Use and the Environment (RALE)

Safe Skies Maryland

Sierra Club Catoctin Group

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